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Insight is also very aware of its responsibility to the environment and people who may be affected by its activities; and as well as operating appropriate grievance mechanisms is actively engaged in CSR programmes to enhance its engagement with local communities. In South Sudan for example, Insight sponsors a medical facility which carries out pro bono surgery for those who would not normally have access, and assists and supports local hospital facilities with expertise and resources. Warrior participates with the Malaria Safe initiative in East and Central Africa.

1. Community Programs

Staff Welfare

Insight employs company welfare officers in each of our countries of operation with clearly defined goals and targets. These officers provide vital training in HIV and AIDS awareness, health & hygiene, malaria prevention and diversity.They also visit accommodation and family homes, and are a vital conduit to address staff needs at the most basic and critical level. Such level of care is unprecedented in the security industry in this part of the world, where incidents of conflict and ethnic tensions require a sensitive approach towards staff and the support of their families.

Opera for School Fees

OPERAtion classics is a company set up to arrange musical and other classical events for the sole purpose of raising funds for “OPERA for School Fees” and for furthering the career of young musicians by giving them a unique chance in Kenya of being a part of a live full scale opera with professional artists. Five of the O.C previous singers have been offered scholarships to the United States and England. See more at

2. Our Health Programs

The Insight Malaria Initiative

Insight joins the fight to completely eradicate malaria in Africa, by reaching communities through the organic network presented by having 6000 staff in 5 countries. The Insight Malaria Initiative has plans to procure 6000 mosquito nets for all its employees, including sustaining of the nets by re-dipping and purchase of new nets every 2 years.Mosquito nets have proven to be the most effective way to deal with the scourge, because the 'knock down' or killing of the mosquito is the single greatest thing that protects the person sleeping under the net from contracting malaria.Insight also propagates malaria safety and health messages through consistent signage in all staff areas and training from the welfare officers. Insight also participates with the Malaria Safe initiative in East and Central Africa.

MRDC International

The company is a proud sponsor and journey partner with MRDCi (Medical Response for the Diplomatic Corps), a not for profit organization that proves vital medical and evacuation services to Diplomatic and NGOs in Juba, South Sudan. Crucial to MRDCi’s ethos is the provision of pro bono surgery for those who would not normally have access, and the assistance and support to local hospital facilities with expertise and resources.

3. Lighting for Security

The impact of lighting in improving security in Africa is enormous, with far reaching benefits that come with the quality of life provided by secure communities.

Lighting Solar Packs

With future partnerships with lighting organizations in South Sudan, Insight will provide lighting solar packs to all 6000 members of staff to reach the community on a familial level. With each solar pack purchased, another will be donated on our behalf. 

Lighting Program Partnerships

Plans to partner with our clients in South Sudan are underway. UNICEF and the World Bank are currently doing great work with funding lighting programs in the region, giving Insight a great opportunity to partner in larger scale rural lighting projects.