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The first step towards enabling business continuity and accurate decision making thus keeping peoples safer, lies with timely, verified security information. Additional analysis, outlook and advice helps managers and staff members make better decisions. Insight’s Security Information Service is the foundation product supporting our range of Duty of Care packages.

Our Insight is knowledge-driven

Insight has the most complete and comprehensive security incident database, created maintained and updated by the largest team of analysts in country. Because of our depth of knowledge and holistic awareness and understanding we predict and forecast in order to enable our clients to enhance their proactivity and productivity; giving them the ability to make informed decisions.

We use a market leading incident management system and have partnered with the developers to make it bespoke for each country’s unique security landscape.

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Download our Free Security Conditions Matrix designed for election preparedness

How it all works

Event and Incident-Driven alerts and reports

We send out alerts to all our subscribers and make sure that all alerts are verified before dissemination and are followed by emailed reports. Significant Incident Reports (SIR) are sent 48hrs after a major incident and Advice Notes (AN) are sent 24hrs before an event that may impact client safety. All alerts and reports are sent on a 24/7 basis from our advanced Command and Control Centre.

They include:

Daily INSIGHT Reports:

These are delivered at 0800hrs each weekday, containing a full round-up of all security related information and current events. Includes key stories from neighbouring countries.

Weekly INSIGHT Reports:

These are delivered at 1400hrs on Fridays, containing statistics and analysis of the week’s significant and security-related events. Articles featuring significant events in neighbouring countries are included each week.

Monthly roundtable security briefings:

These popular interactive briefings contain in depth analysis and commentary on monthly security trends and events. All attendees are provided with a supporting monthly fact sheet.

Monthly Roundtable:

An interactive security briefing, focusing on politics, crime and terrorism. These roundtable briefings are held in the Warrior INSIGHT offices in Westlands on the first Thursday of the month.



Insight Alert SMS (IA)

SMS that may require clients to take action to stay safe.

Insight Info SMS (II)

SMS to inform clients of security events or incidents.

Insight Traffic SMS (IT)

SMS to inform clients of traffic events or incidents.

Insight Alert Report (IA)

A one-page report that follows an SMS IA – contains more info and map.

Insight Info Report (II)

A one-page report that follows an SMS II – contains more info and map.

Significant Incident Report (SIR)

A one or two-0page report containing the best available account of what happened, including analysis, outlook and advice.

Insight Advice Note (AN)

A one or two-page report on a forthcoming event or situation that may affect client safety.


Daily Insight Report (DI)

A five-page report sent every weekday at 0800hrs. The focus is on Kenyan security and political news, with an overview of East Africa.

Weekly Insight Report

A nine-page report, sent every Friday at 1400hrs. The focus is on Kenyan security and political developments, with an international overview. Includes analysis, outlook and advice.

Monthly Roundtable

An interactive security briefing, focusing on politics, crime and terrorism. These roundtable briefings are held in the INSIGHT offices in Westlands on the first Thursday of the month.


A Guide to the Elections

An in-depth analytical report outlining:

  • 1. Kenya’s electoral system and political structure
  • 2. The candidates involved
  • 3. Economic impact
  • 4. Political risk scenarios
  • 5. The potential for violence

Daily Election Insight

A daily overview and analysis of electoral developments and security incidents over the last 24 hours. In addition, a forecast of key election related events planned for the next 24 hours is detailed.

Weekly Election Insight

Analysis of the week’s developments and political violence. Also included is a security conditions rating of every county

And we have more...

Introducing the Security Contingency Planning Toolset

Our Security Contingency Planning Toolset, which is designed to help those responsible for organisational security to prepare their staff, business lines and programs during periods of uncertainty; is now offered free of charge to all clients subscribed to the Security Information Service.

It is supported by a Security Conditions (SECON) Matrix. This SECON Matrix will appear as an Annex in each edition of the Weekly Insight Report (Weekly Security Report for PLSO) and will assign a colour-coded security condition to each county and region of Kenya, as well as offering an overall national rating. Using this matrix as a guide, security focal points and managers can implement the guidelines for the security conditions in their areas of operations. So don’t take any chances or play guessing games with your safety. Subscribe today and be in the know!

Download your free personal contingency plan here!


For more information:

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