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security operations



Insight has developed control rooms with the capability to receive a wide array of information from:

  • Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Location & tracking devices
  • Human intelligence
  • Client alerts

All of this information is logged, analysed and forwarded either for immediate response by our mobile response teams or for follow up.

Control Rooms are fully equipped with:

  • C4I
  • Radios
  • Email
  • SMS, mobile and landline telephones
  • Satellite communications where required

Activity in a Control Room is fully monitored using CCTV and Voice Recording



Our ability to respond to incidents generated by intruder and panic alarms, guard incidents and client calls requires Insight to station Mobile Response Teams (MRT) throughout our areas of operation.

The MRT in turn become the backbone of our ability to respond across a wide span of security activities and provides unmatched ground domination and reach.

We maintain MRT deployable by foot, motorbike and 4×4 vehicles. All of our MRT:

  • Are fitted with Location and Tracking Devices
  • Contain armed and unarmed crew
  • Contain firefighting equipment
  • Contain first aid equipment

Through our MRT we can provide:

  • Quick professional response in cases of emergency.
  • Protection and deterrent from theft and vandalism.
  • Roadside Assistance to personnel who have broken down while on transit in high risk areas.
  • Rapid insertion of additional assets such as dogs and Police.
  • First responder treatment and stabilisation. Subsequently, the vehicle can be used to evacuate non critical casualties or establish an ICP for ambulance crews.
  • Limited fire-fighting, control and coordination of fire crews.
  • Surveillance reporting.

All of the features of the service tie in with Insight’s Risk, Journey and Crisis Management services and Duty of Care.

Protective Services

Static Security Services

Our Guards provide security for United Nations Organizations, Critical Infrastructure, Embassies, NGO’s, Commercial & Corporate sites and residences.

Man guarding is wholly dependent on proper integration at every level and Insight is realistic enough to know that whilst selection is important, the pool from which security officers are drawn has limitations. Therefore post selection management is critical.

Protective Services
Out of Sight
Keep calm