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security operations


Protective Services

Static Security Services

Our Guards provide security for United Nations Organizations, Critical Infrastructure, Embassies, NGO’s, Commercial & Corporate sites and residences.

Man guarding is wholly dependent on proper integration at every level and Insight is realistic enough to know that whilst selection is important, the pool from which security officers are drawn has limitations. Therefore post selection management is critical.

We ensure that every Security Officer is fully vetted using information from multiple sources. The Security Officer undergoes a rigorous training programme aimed at producing graduates with confidence and maturity. Supervision and monitoring of the Security Officer’s performance is the area towards which Insight directs the most effort.

We employ several technological performance measures and harness them to a strong Code of Conduct. Our people are rewarded for good work and we firmly believe that excellent compensation rates form an integral part in the factors needed to motivate personnel in the Security Industry.

We want our team members to be paid a wage superior to others in the country of operation as this leads to improved motivation and consequently increases the level of security offered. We will never knowingly underpay our people.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, our processes are in a constant state of audit and improvement to ensure quality standards in the workplace. Thus, we focus special attention to motivating factors: for example, the uniform and his/her pride in wearing it; the attention and recognition of management; continuous training; the quality of equipment; variation in work routine; the resolution of problems, and the length of leave and rest periods.

Insight employs company welfare officers that provide vital training in HIV and AIDS awareness, health & hygiene, malaria prevention and diversity. They also visit accommodation and family homes, and are a vital conduit to address staff needs at the most basic and critical level.

Mobile Protective Services


Dogs provide outstanding deterrence and detection capabilities and are our solution of choice in permissive environments. Our dogs are internationally certified and are deployed in a wide variety of environments.

Canine security includes attack dogs with or without a handler, mine and explosive detection dogs, and tracker & sniffer dogs. Our handlers and dogs are readily deployable at short notice anywhere within our areas of operation.

Convoy Protection

We regularly deploy on multiple convoy escort missions, safely delivering high value cargo such as cash, precious stones and construction equipment through the region’s most high risk remote and urban areas.

Convoy protection is unique because the process involves a selection of tools within Insight’s capabilities, ranging from uniformed escorts, secure journey management, tracking and monitoring technology to manned vehicles.

Executive Protection

Although Insight has the capability to deploy Expatriate Close Protection Personnel, our core is the provision of trained HN Close Protection Personnel.

these operatives receive comprehensive training including armed and unarmed actions as well as driving and first aid skills. They are taught to be effective and unobtrusive. They integrate extremely well with Expatriate Close Protection Personnel who accompany their principal but who may not know the land or be armed.

Cash and Valuables

The movement of valuables such as gold, gemstones, semi-precious metals and of course cash is perhaps the most high threat activity conducted by Insight.

Since 2006, we have conducted thousands of successful missions using armoured and non-armoured vehicles in urban and rural settings, delivering mainly to and from banks but also door to door for our clients. Our monitoring and tracking capability enhances highly mature and experienced process.