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Insight has developed innovative technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems whether operational or man-power based. Our technical offerings comply with relevant international standards for equipment, installation, control room design and remote monitoring .

We believe that safe spaces begin at conception, and hence invested in systems design and implementation as a core Insight offering. Tracking software and faultless response protocols are constantly evolving to improve on existing blueprints and harnessing state-of-the-art technology and practical expertise to improve overall business performance for our clients.


RS24 is revolutionary technology for businesses in the East African region.

It uses a combination of:

  • Smart cameras
  • Virtual trip wires
  • Advanced video analytics software
  • Real-time audio intervention designed to prevent potential crimes before they happen

These are all monitored by Insight’s Command and Control Centre.

RS24 is realized in a keenly priced package delivering a technology based service that will save any enterprise more money, in terms of implied or ensuing costs as well as purchase expenditure, than any other product in the market.

The way it works is simple.

RS24 is always active, 24 hours a day. By using advanced computer analytics, intruders can be detected before they even break the law. Behind the camera sits highly advanced technology able to analyse changes in the camera’s view.

Importantly, it can screen out movement which is not of interest (such as passing cars, people walking on legitimate pathways past your compound, monkeys, cats, moving tree branches, etc.), and simply focus on events which may pose a security threat. This will include potential and actual intruders, employees approaching a perimeter and trying to pass goods or materials over, through or under the perimeter wall or fence.

It also can detect employees entering prohibited or controlled areas such as bonded goods in a warehouse, or a server room. Once RS24 has picked up an incident, our highly trained incident managers will immediately start to follow the agreed protocols.

Uniquely in Eastern Africa, Insight makes use of advanced process flow software in our command and control centre. In practice this means that once an incident is identified, all of the required actions appear on the incident manager’s computer screen immediately - prompting him/her exactly who to call, what their number is, and what action to take if they cannot be reached. These protocols will include all relevant details of security respondents, local police, fire services, medical services, etc.

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