Africa is an environment that we understand very well.

Insight mitigates risk and protects people, assets and investments in Africa: the most complex and dynamic region on Earth. Our clients demonstrate a strong commitment to success in Africa, and partner with us to create certainty in the delivery of their goals.

We believe that Africa is the most complex and dynamic region on Earth. A continent that attracts the keenest interest from global investors, and offers significant opportunities for the focused and determined. It’s a place where circumstances change rapidly and relationships always matter.

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Insight is our substantial security network that spans the African continent. Our risk-driven approach provides a clear understanding of risk triggers, actors, vulnerabilities and client priorities. This enables us to design and implement better solutions.

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Insight Consulting is our wide-spectrum advisory and consulting business. We develop comprehensive strategies to maximise, consolidate and de-risk opportunities in Africa for clients as diverse as governments, corporates, institutions, funds and investors.

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